40. I am not enjoying the summer festival.

40. I am not enjoying the summer festival.

deathmask-divine asked:
playlist for a n d r e w :)

All the Clowns—Edguy


Devil’s Harlot—Ov Hell

Rockstars—Freedom Call


Wooden Pints—Korpiklaani


zodomy asked:
Make a playlist from s e l i n

Saints and Sinners—Arch Enemy

Ethica Odini—Enslaved

Letting Go—Andre Matos

In the Lies Whereupon you Lay—Mayhem


Anonymous asked:
Name: Bret Michaels, make me a playlist


Burnin’ for You[‘re feet]—Blue Oyster Cult

Raise Hell—Brandi Carlile [Heather]

Every Thorn has its Rose—That One Band I’m A Huge Fan Of Bert Michaelis I’m In Love With Him We Have A Connection *tear*

Trail of Tears [turn me on]—Shaman

My Love Is Real—Buddy Guy [or every single one of the girls to Bret at some point]

I’d Do Anything for Love (but I won’t do that)—Meat Loaf [Jamie about marriage]

Crazy—BoDeans [dedicated to Lacey]

Hel Hath no Fury [Like Lacey]—Tyr

Anal Pizza DIscharge—Bumilingus [I have no connection to rock of love but I wanted to include this anyway]

Enter Sandman—Metallica [also has no connection to rock of love but to criminal minds huehehehe]

Love Me Tender—Elvis [Big John every night thinking about Bret]

Star Collector—The Monkees [Erin and Mathias]

Anonymous asked:
Feet, turn on or turn off? They kind of turn me on hai-yooo

Jesus Brittany holy shit

"Whatsa goin’ on?"